Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I've done since the last update:

She made that outfit!



Fabien and Innocent

-A few Fridays ago, I went to the beach with Kay Germaine staff members to celebrate the end of the summer session. We went past the nice beach I went to with the kids to a private resort complete with a monkey named Domingo in a little habitat greeting us at the entrance. I slept in the shade and swam in the ocean a little- but not too much because the ground was jagged and sharp with rocks and sea urchins from a destroyed reef that had once been there. The whole resort used to be a sugar cane plantation, and it was amazing how different the scene was 200 years later! Amazingly, I have come to discover that the grand majority of Haitians cannot swim- not even close. I had several adults clinging onto me for dear life in the water, and I have spent many hours in the pool at Tabarre teaching staff members to swim. Orlando, the guy who helps me out most days in the pool, can’t even float on his back- if he tries, he goes under, freaks out and spends the next several minutes coughing up all the water he inhaled.

-The end of the summer session came with 2 big programs, one in Tabarre and one in Kenscoff. The first in Tabarre was very fun at the beginning, with the kids showing us the dances and songs they learned. I was having a great time until someone shouted, “Everyone in the water!” and I suddenly had 30+ people in, out and around the tiny pool. I knew that parents would come in to see the kids swim, but I didn’t know that I would have all the children, their siblings and some of their parents in the water with me at the same time! It was utter chaos, and I was extremely mad at some of the parents for allowing their children to do absolutely anything they wanted. It was getting pretty out of control when Tony, the one child I have that can actually swim, decided to make a running jump in to the water and hit his head on a steel support for the cover. His father was cheering him on! While he was on his way to the hospital for stitches, Norma helped me kick everyone out (politely) and the day was done.

The Kenscoff program was a lot calmer, and I was very proud of my substitute English class and their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”. I videotaped it and put it on Youtube if you’re interested!


The kids played musical instruments, danced, recited poetry in Spanish and had a fashion show of all the cloths they made in the last few weeks. I sat with some adorable girls, including my little Dahlilah (pronounced like the Dalai Lama with out the “ma”!) who was dressed in what looked like a flower girl dress following church that morning.

-Tonight, Robin, Rena and I went to an actual supermarket and bought supplies to make a big pasta dinner. It was very nice not to be eating rice, which is really getting old! I made the garlic bread using my Nicolas Pizza and Pasta skill, and the whole affair was pretty awesome. And I got a package from my Aunt Kiko filled with pictures of my cousin and coloring book pages!

Besides all that, it’s basically been a lot of swimming and playing with kids! For now, the kids are on vacation so I will be heading up to Kenscoff to help in Kay Christine for about a week. A bientôt!

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