Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Joseph Junior



Here are some pictures of my abandoned babies at the hospital. I have 4 currently, and I take them to Saint Germaine for physical therapy 2 to 4 times a week depending on how healthy they are. Norma has shown me how to massage them, how best to help Jolene walk and little stretching exercises to do in the pool. I never thought I'd be doing any sort of physical therapy here, but I enjoy it!

- My first little girl is Jolene, whose been with me since the begining and IS STARTING TO WALK! I took a video of her walking in her crib on the soft service and posted it on youtube:

You can compare that to her walking on solid ground, which is more difficult for her in this video:

She's doing great and is very happy with all the attention. I take her 4 times a week, everyday that I'm in Tabarre. She is a trooper, who had meningitis, tuberculosis and malnutrition when she was abandoned and has come back to be a normal little girl. She doesn't speak yet, but that doesn't worry me much, because in all other ways she acts like a normal 2 and half year old. She makes eye contact, laughs, plays, reaches, eats, attempts to walk and is moving all the time.

-My second little girl is Lilianna, who is making progress despite an uncertain medical history and profound mental retardation. She rarely acknowledges anyone, doesn't speak, attempt to walk or change facial expressions often. She was abandoned when she was a little older, I'm assuming when her family saw her issues. She's probably 3. She is always is chewing on something, usually her finger, but doesn't seem to feel alot of the pain it would cause you and me. She will reach for something if I hold it out in front of her, just so she can put it in her mouth. The reaching is progress enough for me, and the muscles she usually hold so tightly are loosening with physical therapy.

-My first little boy, Joseph Junior is tiny tiny tiny. He was extremely malnourished, and has absolutely no muscle mass right now. He is very aware of what is going on around him, but can't lift his head to observe things. The Haitian physical therapists are afraid to work with him because he's so small, so I bring him to Saint Germaine when Norma is there to work with him. The other days, I massage his limbs and give him attention. He's too small to go in the pool.

-My newest little boy, Gilot, is still battling malnutrion, and is unable to move without pain. His skin is flaking off and he's lies with his arms and legs pulled to his chest with a feeding tube in his nose. I've seen improvements in his health in the last 2 weeks he's been with us at the hospital with medication and proper food. I massage lotion into his skin and try to move his joints while we wait for him to get stronger.

-Finally, here's a video of my abandoned babies in the Tap Tap room. They are all healthy and 2 of them (Cassandra and Luco) are waiting to be adopted by hospital administrators. I play with them every week day:


  1. To Molly's family: I am deeply sorry for your loss. I can tell by her blog that she was an extraordinary person. So sad.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as are the orphans who won't get to know Molly on this side of Heaven.

    Cheryl Wyatt

  2. I took the liberty of posting Molly's blog to various social networking sites. While we may not have known Molly in oerson, we can all learn about her, her deeds, and who she was. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and will keep her in my thoughts.

  3. A hug to the family and congratulations for having such a wonderful heart born within, she is an example to all of us. All the blessings to youand THANK YOU.

  4. What an amazing, extraordinary young lady. I am bawling right now after watching her interactions with the children at the orphange on I am so sorry for your loss and even more sorry for the children that will miss out on such an amazing gift, to have someone like her care so deeply about them. Lord, I pray she is with You and that the many children and others are too. I pray this in Jesus' precious name. Amen!

  5. Although we've never met, our hearts are one in a world of people who care for others.Rest in Peace Molly! You made the world a better place. Your bravery, love, and dedication are your medals of honor. These children have yet another source of love and strength to relate to as they struggle to survive this horrific event of nature. Thanks for all you have done, you were a true humanitarian.

  6. An Angel in Haiti, watching over these children since June. Now, an Angel in Heaven. Rest in peace, Molly. Our prayers are with your family, friends and all those in Haiti. God Bless.

  7. No words can say what I am feeling but I wish Molly's Family the best during this difficult time! Her spirit lives on with this blog and youtube. I wonder what happened to some of these children and pray for their safety! God Bless you Molly!

  8. I read Molly's blog she was an amazing young women. She did so many great things for these children. Anyone that got the privilege of knowing her was truely blessed. My condolences to her family and everyone that knew her. God Bless

  9. molly you are and were truly inspiring.. I am 18 and i live in Montana. I think I want to do what you did and go help the children..It just makes u think about what you take for granted..You showed me that.You are very amazing! Im praying for your family and for you.

  10. To Molly's family: I hope in time you are comforted by the unfailing hand of the Almighty and in the knowledge that you raised a young lady with a beautiful, generous spirit. I am a stranger from the east coast who came across Molly's blog via NBC news and I was blown away by her work and compassion for the children of the orphanage. God bless you and thank you for such a lovely gift to the world. Reminding us that we can be compassionate every day and not just when something like this happens.

  11. To Molly's loved ones:
    I came upon Mollys blog by accident. I am thankful for her giving us this window into her everyday life and the valuble work that she did for the children of Haiti. She is an example to us all of how we can better live our own lives, and reach out to those who need it. What a beautiful example of Charity and love she was. Seeing this blog brings the whole Haiti tragedy into closer focus and certainly makes me want to give more money to Haiti, and those close by who are in need. Your daughter was indeed an angel. I am truly sorry for your profound loss. Tamara Barrus

  12. Molly, you were an amazing person with an amazing soul. You touched so many lives. Including mine. Rest in peace.

  13. I can't even fathom what a loss of a child is like but know that she is in the hands of God now and know that she touched so many lives with her wonderful spirit and soul. Rest in peace

  14. What an amazing young woman. I came to read her blog thanks to Ron and Don. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Rest in peace Molly.

  15. To molly's family : through weeping tears I pray the Lord comforts you in your loss. I pray you experience peace that truly surpases understanding. I can't imagine any thing better to be doing when the Lord calls me home than pouring out my life in the service of orphans. Know Molly is an inspiration. My heart is broken for your loss, but I am comforted, as I am sure you are because she is with Jesus.

    Patrick Peterman
    John 3:30

  16. I know what this searing, devastating loss is like and the intractable deep sorrow that sets-in. What a lovely daughter you raised. May you eventually find your way to peace in the suffering.

  17. Hugs to the family, Molly is an example to everyone. She was a very beautiful girl with a big heart and touched many lives. My condolences to all who knew her.

  18. WOW. Whst an inspiration and beautiful spirit she is. God bless her and her loved ones in this time of grief and loss. Be as blessed as she was. My thoughts are with you. - Stephanie in Seattle.